When we first laid eyes on Torc Pots it was love at first, well, pot! Talented designer duo Nicole and Hylton live on the beautiful island of Jersey, known as the ‘little island with the big spirit’.

Spirit, love and care are in abundance within the design of these distinctive handcrafted pots. They are incredibly durable statement pieces for outdoor areas, gardens, architectural projects or commercial spaces.

Organic and contemporary pieces are shaped by hand and given added character and individuality by using finishes that develop a unique weathered patina over time. Each piece is enhanced by texture, finish and colour until it becomes a unique distinctive statement. With twenty-eight designs in a variety of sizes and a bespoke service available, (which includes the option to emboss a company logo or initials) the possibilities are endless!

Ensuring sustainability at every step of the production process (and beyond) is central to Torc – they are serious about their green credentials! All wash water used in the studio is recycled from their wash bay or is collected rainwater from the roofs of their buildings. The system then removes any solids for recycling and treats any excess before it enters the drainage system.

Torc practice extremely precise batching to avoid waste; each pot is thrown by hand, in layers, which reduces material waste to zero. A pot is always left on the wheel to ensure that any left-over materials are put to use. Neat huh?

The compressive and flexural strength of the Torc Pots mix makes them extremely durable and should last a lifetime. As the mix is so strong, far less material is used than traditional cast products, further reducing cement usage. Additionally, by using a cement-based mix there is no requirement for ovens or furnaces – each piece by Torc is fully cured by hydration.

At the very end of the production process, each Torc Pot finally become a life-long home for trees and shrubs helping to absorb carbon and clean our planet! 

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