In his workshop in Åre, Sweden, Torbjörn Lundström, or ‘Tobbe’ as he’s known, builds quality Chef’s knives and cutlery which has become the talking point of many a dining table. He uses the finest stainless damascus steel for his blades twinned with locally foraged reindeer antler and other beautiful reclaimed materials to create the handles of his heirloom worthy products. In fact, Tobbe’s tools would not be out of place within a museum glass cabinet!

His craft has evolved from producing utility knives for friends to making exclusive collector chef knives. In the last few years, he has developed and crafted knives and cutlery which is comfortable to use and highly regarded by top chefs across the globe. 

It is great to work with people who appreciate the time and craftsmanship that goes in to making my products.

Tobbe Lundström


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