Over the past two years we have watched in awe as Thors Design has grown – we gotta admit that these guys have become something of an obsession of ours, in fact at one point we thought we may be heading for a restraining order. Here at Kinn, we love everything about Thors Design, from their sustainable approach to production through to the style of the pieces they produce.

Thors Design have been making sustainable furniture for homes, interior and exterior retail projects for the past fifteen years. Working with their internal team, architects and designers, each piece is built by hand using maritime patinated harbour wood reclaimed from decommissioned Danish harbours. Now, if that isn’t true rock n’roll, we don’t know what is.

The rustic Azobé timber (one of the hardest woods in the world) was imported from West Africa to Denmark in the 1900s and used extensively in Danish harbours. Each piece crafted by Thors Design tells its own distinctive story – marks, bolts, holes and other details are unique to each piece and testament to having faced over half a century submerged within the Danish sea. “Wait!” I hear you cry, “In the sea? Isn’t the wood rotten?”. Absolutely not my friend. The weathered Azobé timber is rich in natural oils which render it practically impermeable. This also means pieces last generations to come, and require very little maintenance, even if placed outside. Impressive!

It’s clear that respect is absolutely key to Thors Design’s ethos; respect for people, the world’s resources and the environment. The materials used to create the pieces are in-keeping with the sustainability guidelines set by the EU, the reclaimed Azobé timber is fully FSC certificated and has been validated by COWI as containing only its own natural oils.

This truly is up-cycling at its most beautiful and simple form and we can’t wait to share it with you!

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