Drawing inspiration from the organic shapes and sensuous grooves of nature, Sarah-Linda’s collection is as irregular and unique as the elements it pays homage to. Each piece is an exploration of form and texture, delicately handcrafted at a small, traditional porcelain manufacturer nestled in the heart of Limoges, France.


Her luxurious bowls and plates are more than mere vessels. They are tactile landscapes, sharing textured bottoms and finished interiors that echo the hues of the natural world. From the classic purity of white to the earthy touch of graphite grey, the freshness of moss green, and the opulence of lustrous 24k gold – each piece tells a story.


Her evocative tableware collections are not only pieces of art but extensions of a philosophy that dining can be an intimate connection with beauty, texture, and taste. Sarah-Linda’s inclusion in our collective adds an extra layer of elegance that only her unique perspective can provide.



Kinn Collective perfectly embodies our philosophy: a love for beauty and well made objects with a soul, honesty and craftsmanship.
We’re delighted to partner up with these inspired, kind and talented people who truly understand our work.

Sarah-Linda Forrer

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