For NEOZ, creating elegant, functional and ambient lighting that works seamlessly with its surroundings is central to everything they do. They understand, as we do, that it is absolutely crucial within hospitality to use lighting that enhances every aspect of the experience. This includes ensuring skin tones, food colours and textures are seen in the best possible light and is something the team at NEOZ have perfected with nearly 30 years experience.

The main defining feature of all NEOZ lighting is that each piece is completely cordless and runs off a re-chargeable battery, instantly eliminating any problems surrounding tables that may require moving last minute, if overhead lighting simply isn’t an option or if tables are located within a room without sufficient sockets. With three dimming options available for every piece, each lamp works effortlessly and in harmony with its surroundings and can be adapted and moved with ease allowing for complete flexibility in the space required.

The warm, welcoming glow of NEOZ lighting is reminiscent of that felt beside a campfire and creates the same magical atmosphere that draws people closer together. Pieces promise a small footprint, so do not encroach on the table, yet effortlessly provide enough lumination without the use of another light source.

Along with each of NEOZ’s many innovative designs that are available in various colourways and finishes, their design team also offer a bespoke lighting design service which is handled in-house from the design and development process all the way through to manufacture.

The NEOZ team have been dedicated to perfecting their craft since 1995, hand assembling each piece in Sydney, Australia. Every detail is carefully considered by their in-house lighting design specialists, from the use of the highest quality materials to guarantee the longevity of each piece to ensuring the user experience is absolutely seamless.

NEOZ lighting is used throughout countless hotels, restaurants and homes across 101 countries across the globe and we are thrilled to be able to represent them here within the UK.

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