Lydia Loukeli and Karen Helle are the co-founders of Elm & Karen Helle Ceramics, a studio that specialises in creating unique, organic ceramic pieces inspired by Greek seascapes and Scandinavian design principles, particularly for fine dining. Both Lydia and Karen’s designs reflect their Scandinavian and Greek heritage and roots.

Their beautiful and functional tableware is carefully crafted by hand using traditional ceramic-making techniques, resulting in pieces that are both visually stunning and practical for fine dining settings. The use of environmentally friendly materials and sustainable production methods is always a top priority, reflecting their commitment to sustainability and responsible production.

Drawing inspiration from the textures and beauty of nature, their designs reflect the clean lines and natural materials of Scandinavian design, as well as the warmth and organic shapes of Greek design. Their shared passion for design, nature, and sustainability is evident in every piece, making their collection of ceramics a unique and beautiful addition to any fine dining setting.

Whether it’s a simple plate or a complex serving dish, each piece is a testament to the skill and dedication of these two talented artists.


Through this collaboration with Kinn, we have discovered a shared passion for innovation and excellence. We are excited to witness our tableware enriching dining experiences and contributing to the evolving landscape of artistry and gastronomy.

Lydia Loukeli and Karen Helle, Elm Ceramics

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