Magical things are happening over at the Bird & Branch Turnery Co. workshop in Battersea, London. These guys combine the traditional technique of woodturning with a modern design language to make original pieces that are beyond beautiful. Each item is turned from a single piece of wood to form shapes that echo the clean lines of Scandinavian design, mixed with high quality timbers sourced from around the UK and beyond.

Patience, skill, dedication and a love of creating products that will last a lifetime are values that underpin what Bird and Branch are all about. Every curve is shaped by hand, each piece entwined with nature and a celebration of the tree from which it came. We love how ethics and sustainability are at the core of Bird and Branch’s values and that they only work with selected timber suppliers that share the same ideals.

There is a natural synergy between what we’re about and we are excited to work together.

Bird & Branch

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