Artilugis are a Barcelona-based design studio revolutionising the world of high-end tableware, sculpting culinary stories and bringing a unique blend of tradition and modernity.


Understanding the dynamic needs of contemporary chefs and kitchens, Artilugis crafts pieces that transcend mere functionality. They believe in the joy of gathering around a table, sharing experiences, and delighting in extraordinary moments. Through seamless integration of digital design with artisanal techniques, they offer a personalized expression of elegance, allowing chefs to narrate their culinary tales.


Quality and innovation lie at the core of their philosophy. Every piece, designed in Barcelona and meticulously crafted in their microfactory, ensures top-notch quality. By controlling the entire production process, Artilugis delivers creations that mirror their passion and your desires.


Dedicated to excellence, they strive to provide unparalleled service, exceeding expectations wherever possible. Their journey, born from research and a quest for unique tableware, redefines the dining experience.

It feels great to be part of the Kinn Collective among all these talented artists and craftsmen.

AdriĆ  Funosas, Artilugis

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