Doesn’t something magnificent happen when fire, metal and talent collide? Alex Pole is a Blacksmith and Master Craftsman and, like many of the talented souls we are fortunate to represent, is an all-round top human. He speaks and acts with honesty, passion and integrity and this comes through in the beautiful traditionally hand forged kitchenware and utensils he creates in his Somerset workshop.

We love that Alex’s ethos is based around simple forms, clean lines and functionality; these are the foundations of his work. In fact, everyone who works at The Forge aims to make objects that are built to last.

Each piece is individually forged by a small team of highly skilled craftsmen dedicated to producing the highest quality work. They create beautiful items that are made for restaurants, use over fire or the home kitchen. Every piece starts as a simple bar of steel and is then heated and worked until it reaches the correct size, shape and style.

I only work with people who share my passion and can put our products in hands that will appreciate them. I’m delighted to be working with Kinn Collective and love their enthusiasm for what they do.

Alex Pole

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