Nestled in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland, Aku Ceramics is the creative outlet of Agata, a skilled artisan hailing from picturesque Poland. With a passion for pottery since 2016, Agata’s artistic journey has been a captivating exploration of natural materials and the beauty that emerges from simple yet refined techniques.

Agata’s signature lies in the art of texture, where every piece she creates beautifully showcases the raw essence of the materials used. To achieve the remarkable texture and depth of tone that defines her work, Agata employs a diverse range of clays, each one carefully chosen to instil her creations with a distinct personality.

One of the most enchanting aspects of Aku Ceramics is the uniqueness of every piece. Crafted lovingly by Agata’s hands, each creation boasts its own identity, bearing subtle variations in shape, size, and the captivating interplay of colours and glazes. This individuality makes each handmade ceramic a truly special treasure, a testament to the care and dedication poured into its creation.

At Aku Ceramics, the artistry lies in the act of creation from the ground up. Agata draws inspiration from the beauty of nature and seamlessly weaving organic shapes and textures into her work. The result is a beautiful collection that not only reflects the passion and dedication of its creator but also embodies the harmony between art and nature.


I am really excited about this partnership and feel it holds great potential. I’m looking forward to collaborating with Kinn Collective to showcase my work to some of the finest restaurants.

Aku Ceramics

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